Friday, November 30, 2012

Mead: "The significance of concrete individual interaction relies on the conversation of gestures".

People talk and listen. However, in the art of conversation it is more complex than a mere concept of the social interaction. A conversation consists of gestures. The gestures are elements for interpreting the meaning-making and simplify the symbolic mechanism. Mead argues “gestures refer to the manifold movements and expressions in which people engage, including language” (Alexander 1987:206). In gestures, there are the infinite methods which convey a message between people to people through a social interaction. However, the gestures specifically function in each situation. Therefore, rather than holding a different meaning separately, they as symbols carry out a same meaning in each situation. According to Mead, “gestures are significant symbols” (Alexander 1987:207), he adds “because they have the same meanings for all individual members of a given society or social group, that is, they respectively arouse the same attitudes in the individuals responding” (Alexander 1987:207).  
     The picture for this topic describes a gesture from the interaction. In this picture, the two teddy bears express a symbol of love, friendliness, warmth, or affection. Despite a variety of the messages in the picture, its gesture unifies into a positive meaning. When the interaction is carried out between people to people, it can become complicated when a message does not properly deliver between them. In such complicity, gestures simplify the process.            

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